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Clash of Clans: A Newbie’s Experience

Playing the Game for the First Time

When the game loads up, you will find yourself in campaign setting, looking at a woman who is throwing instructions here and there. The instructions are pretty easy, in fact. For instance, she will ask you to build one cannon that will destroy your first set of competitors (too bad it’s an A. I., it’s a dead giveaway). You are given certain amounts of currencies to start your newly-built base. These types of Clash of Clans free gems, elixirs and gold is sufficient and it is even advisable in order to save some of the gems for future use. The actual instructions given by the woman and he or she will show you how to be able to develop the needed buildings and defense structures for your bottom. The game has a tap and drag edit feature that will easily lets you move your buildings around just in case you have got placed them somewhere in error. She will also teach you how you can train troops that are crucial for the survival of your own base and for attacking as other people’s bases as well. Training the most basic troop costs about 25 elixirs every. When you feel that you have sufficient gold or elixir, think about upgrading your buildings and the like for improved attack abilities and defense. Clash of Clans gems can be used to accelerate the time consumed for improving and training your army as well.

Base Defending and Attacking

One good thing that I favored about the sport is that it gives players a basic shield that will last for any couple of days. This kind of even the odds i believe, it’s going to give the brand-new players time to build decent buildings and may fare better in defending themselves in the forthcoming raids that may take place as soon as the shield is gone. Defenses must be built strategically and with extra careful thought the initial few days of the game due to lack of funds. Intended for starting players, you may decide to make use of the no spawn areas of your base to calculate the defenses that you will put up. Those who hate to wait for their defenses to be up may use their Clash of Clan gems as well.

Attacking another player’s base System.Drawing.Bitmap lucrative way to get elixirs and gold. Try practice with the A. I goblins at first to hone your skills. Attacking bases may apply to campaign mode and PVP as well. Use different types of troops to be able to handle various situations as it happens. Learn how to recognize traps laid discretely by other players. The overall game also rates the performance of your troops which range from 1-3 stars, with the three star representing the damage of the whole camp.

Clash of Clans Currencies: Gold, Elixir and Gems

Clash of Clans have 3 elementary currencies: gems, elixirs and gold, all of which are crucial to the gameplay’s improvement. Elixirs and silver have mines and storages, gems on the other hand cannot be “farmed” easily in-game. The easiest way, of course, to get Clash of Clans gems is to purchase some. Those who are brave of heart can try to complete the achievements tab in getting all of them for free. Removing rock, grasses, trucks etc . sometimes give random gems as well. Lately there are players who claim to have found a way to get more gems, and it’s easy to find them over the net if you are interested. Right now there you have it, these things that I have mentioned above is just an understanding and is not everything that you can do in-game. Moving forward you may also wish to explore other aspects like joining clans and more. It is a worthy game to play, and because of this, it is no surprise that it still has a lot of players all over the world. Try it, and you decide.

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